Beer Review: Ghost In The Machine (Parish Brewing Co.)

Beer Review: Ghost In The Machine (Parish Brewing Co.)

When discussing the concept of whales in regards to beer, it usually refers to a brew that is so desirable that it becomes difficult to procure. Sometimes this is because of regional availability, or the brewery just doesn’t make enough of said beer — on purpose, or it is just that popular –, or in the case of some there is an entire day devoted to it (insert Dark Lord here). Pennsylvania does not yet see distribution from Parish Brewing Company, which means it’s a trip down to the great Bayou state, find a friend that can ship a few, or do what I did and purchase it from Tavour (more on this later).

The Brew

Beer: Ghost In The Machine
Brewery: Parish Brewing Company
Style: IPA – Imperial/Double
ABV: 8.5%
IBU: 100
Untappd Description: “Welcome to the future. Our collective human consciousness, or Ghost in the Machine, has gained a tolerance for hops beyond what mankind has ever known before. This Double India Pale Ale is the necessary outcome.”
Enjoy In: Teku or Harmony Tumbler
Enjoy At: 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit

The Review

Ghost In The Machine is one beer that I have been wanting and waiting to get my hands on since I found out about it. Hang around any beer circle long enough and eventually Parish of Ghost will pop up in conversation. Fortunately for me, Tavour was that beer nerd, and a notification showed up on my phone that bottles were available for purchase. Hot dang! Another Untappd wish list item can be crossed off.

Let’s start with the color, which for something that was bottled on 6/24/19 is actually quite amazing. Ghost In The Machine is classified as an Imperial/Double IPA, but is it really? According to Parish, GITM is a Double New England IPA (Double Hazy IPA for the West Coast), but that classification isn’t official…yet. Considering all of this, the pastel orange liquid cannot be seen through.

In terms of mouthfeel and taste, Ghost exhibits a soft, grapefruit forward bite that evolves into a dry, bitter finish. The bitterness is not excessive and compliments the fruit notes which are just prominent enough to make a second sip all but required. Per style, the tasting notes land it squarely in the Double IPA range, making this a good example.

I would like to point out that Ghost In The Machine is often compared to two other very heavy hitters: 3 Floyd’s “Zombie Dust”, and Toppling Goliath’s Pseudo Sue. In truth this is not a fair comparison and it has nothing to do with bias or the breweries. What it actually comes down to is style. Zombie Dust and Pseudo Sue are both Pale Ales, while Ghost is an Imperial/Double IPA.

Did I like Ghost In The Machine? Yes. GITM is a very solid beer and punches well within the Double IPA group. Would I recommend this beer? Yes, but not to everyone. This will satisfy the beer drinker looking for an IPA that offers more citrus up front, a little sweetness and has a bit more weight to its body.

My Untappd Score: ****-1/2
Global Rating: 4.29 (as of 8/4/19)



(Post script: Fellow writer B.Kline on The Beer Thrillers also just reviewed [on 8.22.19] Ghost in the Machine by Parish Brewing Co., the review by B.Kline can be found here: B. Kline’s Ghost in the Machine Review.)

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