First Sip Brew Box Has Teamed Up With Kweza Craft Brewery

First Sip Brew Box Has Teamed Up With Kweza Craft Brewery

Kweza Craft Brewery from Rwanda

Kweza Craft Brewery

Today is Giving Tuesday, and theres no better time then to bring up on the blog about ‘Kweza Craft Brewery’ in Rwanda. Firstly, you can go directly to there IndieGoGo site and give a donation right here: Kweza Brewing on IndieGoGo. You can read about their story from IndieGoGo here:

We’re Rwanda’s first craft beer brewery. We’re women owned, led, brewed, and cheffed. We make beers that are delicious, and tell a story – from the roots of African women making sorghum beer, to using local crops and plants such as sorghum, ginger, mangoes, and jasmine to make a variety of light ales, IPAs, stouts, with more variety to come. 

Women have traditionally made beer in most cultures around the world, but not been able to benefit from that creation and lineage at the commercial level. Kweza aims to have women running all aspects of the business. Our goal is that women have the profit from the product they’ve always made, and can build generational wealth on that history. Learn more about how we’re accomplishing this on our website and by watching this webinar we held on Women Brewing Beer in History, Africa, and Rwanda (with Kweza Craft Brewery)  

In 2016, Fina Uwineza, a Rwandan entrepreneur, and Steve Beauchesne, CEO of Beau’s Brewery, launched a Kickstarter to fund the purchase of a bottling line.  We’ve grown the project, purchased a bottling line AND an entire brewery worth of equipment! Read and watch more of the original Kickstarter here!

Kweza on IndieGoGo

First Sip Brew Box

While on my trip through New Jersey (while actually being on the ferry) I reached out to Dennis Guy and he quickly responded, about how First Sip brew Box is helping Kweza Craft Brewery. They are working on distributing world wide merchandise for the brewery, as well as helping their crowd funding efforts. As per their marketing brochure on a Google Doc, they are “handling the fulfillment of brewery swag for Kweza brewery.” First Sip is also working with artists to help create merchandise for the project as well.

The Beer Thrillers Getting the Word Out, and How You Can Help

We will be doing more articles in the near future, including our donation, and what all goes into that donation, and what that donation does for the brewery and its upstart. We are looking to do several articles spaced out in the near future, and hopefully some interviews as well (with brewers, builders, and workers on the project). Please stay tuned.

To read more about Kweza Craft Brewery, you can follow them through these channels:

To learn more, and read more about First Sip Brew Box, and what they are doing for Kweza Craft Brewery, you can follow them here:

Please join us in making a donation and helping this wonderful cause, today on Giving Tuesday.

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Thank you everyone for reading, this closes out November, and our daily articles. Hopefully I can keep up the pace and maintain a good amount of articles for everyone to read. Also, hopefully you’ll all stay tuned and stay with us. Cheers!

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