Imprint Begins Shipping State Wide

Imprint Begins Shipping State Wide

Imprint Beer Co. has begun to ship state wide throughout Pennsylvania

Yesterday, November 15th (2020), Imprint Beer Co has announced that they will be the latest brewery in Pennsylvania to begin to ship state wide. There has been several other breweries that have begun shipping wide since the start of the year, primarily brought on by the rise of the pandemic and COVID-19 and restrictions changing how breweries need to work in Pennsylvania. (Click here to read how Tattered Flag announced Supply Drop – their state wide shipping program.)

Imprint Beer Co. has been one of the top breweries in Pennsylvania for the last couple of years, with regular long lines for their latest can releases, and being constantly touted online and raved about in various beer groups. The second mark for their beers in trade groups has likewise gone through the roof at times as well.

You can find their shipping site on their main website here: Imprint Beer Co. Shipping.

They made their announcement via social media through their Instagram and other pages. They are a Philadelphia based brewery, but will be shipping across the entire Keystone state.

As per their Instagram post:

  • Beers will be sold in groups of 4 – four packs (meaning 4 individual 4 packs, so 16 beers)
  • Ships Anywhere in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Only
  • Beer Availability will be posted on Sundays at 4:00 PM
Imprint’s posting on Instagram

From their shipping site, it also lists the Split Theory Coffee, merchandise, glassware and other things can also be purchased and shipped. This is a great chance for many people in the state of Pennsylvania to get to try out this wonderful brewery. They are certainly not one to sleep on.

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You can read more here on Fueled by Hops: Imprint Beer Ships State Wide.

I have started work on the Indy Trip series, so be sure to check in to see them being posted. You can read the quick recap here, and see the outline above for more information. There was seven days with small recaps that you can also find through the links above. Cheers and be safe out there everyone, COVID is on the rise, keep safe, keep calm, and enjoy some delicious craft beers!

-B. Kline

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