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In honor of Easter (and what a weird Easter this is too), and since we’ve all been stuck inside all day. I figured I’d do a listicle of some of the IPAs we’ve reviewed. I’ve done a few other listicle articles (not too many, as I’m not a huge fan of them), but I figured its been a while, and since its Easter, lets do a “hoppy” one about the various IPAs we’ve reviewed.

Firstly, the other listicles I’ve done:
* Our Most Viewed Articles (September, 2019)
* Some Old Posts (September, 2019)



From our friends at Let Us Drink Beer Blog:

ETA IPA by Wild Leap Brew Co.

Beer Review: ETA IPA (Wild Leap Brew Co.)


Beer Reviews by J. Doncevic:

Colonization by Adroit Theory

Beer Review: Colonization (Adroit Theory)

Beer Review: EBK – Gashadokuro (Ghost 782) – Adroit Theory

Envie and and Envie 4XDH by Parish Brewing

Beer Reviews: Envie and Envie 4XDH (Parish Brewing)

Beer Review: Ekuanot Astronaut (BAREbottle Brewing Co.)

Ghost in the Machine by Parish Brewing

Beer Review: Ghost In The Machine (Parish Brewing Co.)

Enigma by Anchorage Brewing

Beer Review: Enigma (Anchorage Brewing Company)

Ectogasm by Drekker

Beer Review: Ectogasm (Drekker Brewing Co.)


After a few months of us doing the beer reviews, I added the category – styles; where you can click through to find your favorite style or if you want to check out reviews for a particular style. I haven’t gotten to go back through and add the old reviews to the new categories, but I will. In the mean-time, we currently have 26 (and growing) in the IPA Category. You can find it by clicking it here: Categories: Style: IPA.


IPA Beer Reviews by B. Kline:

40th Anniversary Ale by Sierra Nevada

Beer Review: 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)

Icicle by New Trail Brewing

Beer Review: Icicle (New Trail Brewing Co)

Trial by Wombat by Thin Man Brewing

Beer Review: Trial by Wombat (Thin Man Brewery)

Furious IPA by Surly Brewing

Beer Review: Furious IPA (Surly Brewing)

Back to Reality by Three 3s Brewing

Beer Review: Back to Reality (Three 3s Brewing Co)

Pete’s Secret Stache by Revision Brewing

Beer Review: Petes Secret Stache (Revision Brewing Company)

Loki by Karl Larsen at Newfangled Brew Works

Beer Review: Loki – Wild IPA (Newfangled Brew Works)

Doppelganger by Tree House Brewing

Beer Review: Doppelgänger (Tree House Brewing)

This is the Way by Broken Goblet

Beer Review: This is The Way (Broken Goblet)

Julius by Tree House Brewing

Beer Review: Julius (Tree House Brewing)

The Hog by Boneshire Brew Works

Beer Review: The Hog (Boneshire Brew Works)

Citraquench’l by Heist Brewing

Beer Review: Citraquench’l (Heist Brewery)

Moon of Vega by Equilibrium Brewing

Beer Review: Moon of Vega (Equilibrium Brewing)

Paradise Lost by Southern Prohibition Brewing

Beer Review: Paradise Lost (Southern Prohibition Brewing)

Fuzzy Nudge named by Ffej by Troegs Independent Brewing

Beer Review: Fuzzy Nudge (Troegs Independent Brewing)

King Sue by Toppling Goliath

Beer Review: King Sue (Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.)


And there are plenty more too! From breweries like Boneshire Brew Works, The Millworks, Tattered Flag, South County, New Trail, Troegs Brewing, Anchorage Brewing, Rotunda Brewing, ZeroDay Brewing, Newfangled Brew Works, and so many more! With more getting added constantly.

We’ve been running this blog since late May last year. I (B. Kline) have done a few podcasts (for both beer and pop culture). I am also doing a Beer Education series right now, with a running table of contents. You can see the table of contents (so far) below:


The Beer Education Series:
* Beer Education: Series
* Beer Education: Syllabus
* Beer Education: Introduction
* Beer Education: Module One: The History of Beer Brewing
* Beer Education: Module Two: Barley and Malting
* Beer Education: Module Three: Water


Hopefully (fingers crossed) there will most likely be Module Four released and posted tomorrow.


I hope everyone had a wonderful, hoppy, and happy Easter. It wasn’t my usual, but it was an Easter spent with family. So that in and of itself made it a good day. Got to do some grilling for Easter dinner:


Nothing beats grilling and drinking a wonderful (D)IPA like Time Keeper by Fourscore Beer Co.


So from us here at The Beer Thrillers to your family, we hope you had a wonderful hoppy Easter. Please stay safe, and cheers everyone!


Have a Hoppy Easter!






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