Beer Review: Colonization (Ghost 779) – Adroit Theory

Beer Review: Colonization (Ghost 779) – Adroit Theory

Friday’s are great. The only day of the week that is half in the regular work week, and the other half is the beginning of the weekend. So what could possibly make Friday better? Taco day at work! Yep, it doesn’t get much better…except if said taco day had margaritas…or I had the day off. Okay, so maybe Friday can get better, BUT there are few things that get better than Adroit Theory beers. Change my mind. As with most of the beer I do review on, I got Colonization from Tavour. They partner with hundreds of breweries all across the US, so you’re bound to find something you can’t normally put your hands (or your tastebuds) on.

The Beer

Beer: Colonization (Ghost 779)
Brewery: Adroit Theory
Style: IPA -Imperial/Double
ABV: 8.3%
IBU: 35
Untappd Description:We went back to our favorite hop: Mosaic, and coupled it with Idaho 7 + Citra. Bright soft tropical orange rind meets melon + citrus.Creamy body with slight backend bitterness
Enjoy In: IPA Glass, Teku, Tin Cup, Anything “Apocalypse” rated
Enjoy At: 50-55 degree Fahrenheit

The Review

Back at it again, this time with another fine selection from the brewing gods at Adroit Theory. “Colonization” ranks in at a familiar 8.3%, this Imperial IPA dispenses with the boozy notes and gets straight to the point. Now that’s my kind of beer! Oh yes, Colonization makes no bones about its intent and that’s something everyone can appreciate. No guesswork. No fuss. Just complete honesty. Let’s talk about that.

Hey, that’s my birthday!

From sip number one, it becomes immediately apparent that Colonization has come to collect. Whether that is admirers, fleeting glimpses, or just the casual drinker, all of these are of no consequence as there are no prisoners taken. Don’t like IPA’s? That’s fine, save some for those that do! This golden liquid finishes its pour with a loose, light, and thin head, trapping few vapors and allowing the full flavor to be experienced. This beer is BOLD. Bursting forth with hops and esters, your sense of smell now filled with exploding hops. Colonization grabs your taste buds by force and demands your devotion. Your attention will be held captive by the bitter juice that is this brew. Your thirst will slake for but a moment before your tongue begins to feel dry. Time for another gulp. Drink up friend, you’ll need it. You’re being Colonized.

Hey bub. You gonna finish that?

My Untappd Score: ****-1/4
Global Rating: 4.02 (as of 11/8/19)



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