Allusion Brewing Expanding into Allison Park – North Hills

Allusion Brewing Expanding into Allison Park – North Hills

Fresh from our trip out to Vandergrift to celebrate their winning this year’s (2023) Battle of the Breweries – we got some news and gossip for you all! Straight from the horse’s mouth itself!

Coming soon – most likely in 2024, but potentially late 2023 – Allusion Brewing Company is expanding into Allison Park, North Hills.

For a relative idea of where at – check out this map: Allison Park, North Hills.

Be sure to check out our travelogue of going out to celebrate their winning our Battle of the Breweries (2023): An Alluring Trip to Vandergrift.

This will mark their second location. Their first location is in Vandergrift, PA. You can find them at: Allusion Brewing Company – Brewery (Vandergrift) [Google Maps].

This map will give you a general idea of distance to their new spot: Allusion Brewing Company to Possible Future Home of Allusion Brewing Company.

Congrats to Allusion Brewing Company

We can’t wait to check out their second taproom! And we couldn’t be happier or prouder of them for their hard work and growth! Cheers to their second location and cheers to them for their winning Battle of the Breweries (2023)!

For More Information on Allusion Brewing Company

For more information about Allusion Brewing Company you can visit their very well designed website here: Allusion Brewing Company – Official Website.

The following comes from Untappd: Allusion Brewing Company is a micro brewery from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. They have 57 unique beers and just over 5,200 ratings, with a global average rating of 3.84 (as of 7.24.23). Their Untappd description reads: Vandergrift’s hometown brewery, offering a consistent library of approachable beers taking the tradition of each style seriously. Craft beer is about bringing people together – come join our story.

For more information, you can find them at their social media pages here:

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