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Now that the March Madness – Battle of the Breweries (2021) tournament is officially over, and Isle of Que Brewing has been declared the winner (see results here: The Winner of the Battle of the Breweries 2021 is….). So I suppose it’s back to business as usual right?

Well, sorta.

As I’ve discussing on our Facebook page, I am looking to branch out the blog into the other fields that interest me – namely: books, literature, philosophy, hiking. Does this really relate to beer and “beer thrillers”? No, yes, not really, kind of, sorta, not really, but, kind of.

What it really is, is – I have many hobbies and interests, and I want to write about them, and rather than create five hundred different types of blogs or sites, or just keep them on sites like GoodReads or such, I’m going to use the site here to post them. Can you ignore them? Yep, simply, don’t click the articles and don’t read them.

OR….. you can read them. Do you like reading book reviews? If so, then there you go. Do you like reading about hiking and the such? Then there you go! Do you like reading about philosophy or opinion pieces or just personal story type things.

I have gotten a few comments about the books I’m reading and how the books show up in the Instagram posts when I’m out and about, and I made a few posts on our Facebook page (and group page) and people seem interested in the books I read, so this should tie in nicely. Also, a fair number of my “brewery visit” and travelogue posts start off with me hiking (either solo or with Ming or with others), and those posts seem to do well (traffic volume wise). The Rickett’s Glen, Monocacy Battlefield, and the 1000 Steps Trail posts are all some of the most visited.

Am I done writing about beer? No, so don’t worry. I also have plenty of back – logged articles I need to finish editing and post, so those will be coming out as well periodically. Also, there is still Josh writing here on the blog, as well as others, and possibly a few new hands posting soon too. So stay tuned for plenty of beer content as well.

Speaking of that, this Sunday, Josh will be meeting the winners of our tournament – The Isle of Que Brewing at Rubber Soul’s Brewery in Hummelstown, and he will also be meeting Rubber Soul, and taking pictures and such. So he will be doing a write-up about this as well.

Also, in the future there will be much more cross over type stuff planned. Drew and I have planned on doing a YouTube series where we review different things like movies, books, video games, etc; while also drinking and reviewing beer. Drew is the head streamer and creator of Knights of Nostalgia and is a frequent helper and collaborator here on the blog as well.

So have no fear, there is plenty of beer content to come out as well as plenty of brand new kinds of stuff. The main page of the site and blog will also probably be getting a face lift in the upcoming weeks with more links and things in headers and a floating header to make the different pages more accessible.

I am hoping people will like the more varied and larger amount of content. At worst, its a lot more stuff you can ignore, at best, it gives you plenty more stuff to read. So here’s to the growth and expansion of The Beer Thrillers in the future months (and years). Cheers everyone!

-B. Kline

(Look for the first book review to be posted tomorrow – fingers crossed.)

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