The Trip to Indy – Recap and Stats

The Trip to Indy – Recap and Stats

So this is a total, post trip recap. I started each article the night I got back to my hotels, some nights I cheated and only technically finished them in the morning. (Hiking 6+ miles a day, and hitting 2-3 breweries, and driving 2-3 hours takes a lot out of an old dude like myself.) But I did do a daily recap, and they call all be found here:

The Trip to Indianapolis:

I need to go over the formatting because it seems there were some formatting issues with the recaps. I will most likely get to doing that tomorrow. But in the meantime, you can still read them fine, so it should be all good.

I have given each day a subtitle that you can read when you click their links.

Briefly, the big cities I hit were:

  • Pittsburgh – Day 2
  • Columbus – Day 3
  • Indianapolis – Day 4
  • Cincinnati – Day 5
Sun King Brewery

There is almost too much to go into detail, but I will do the trip into full recap / stories and post them. Not sure if I will break them up into articles per day, two per day, or by city, or some other way.

But, this article is for the bare bones stats:

Breweries Visited:

  • Pennsylvania: 8 (7 new)
  • Ohio: 9 (all new)
  • Kentucky: 1 (new)
  • Indiana: 4 (all new)
  • West Virginia: 2 (all new)

Grand total: 24 Breweries (23 New Breweries)
Repeat Brewery: Rubber Soul Brewing (basically the start / end trip – home town)

Museums Visited:

  • Cincinnati Art Museum
  • National Underground Railroad Museum
  • Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library
  • Franklin Lloyd Wright – Kentucky Knob

State Parks Visited:

  • Salt Fork State Park
  • Hocking Hills
  • Ohiopyl

(lots of other parks, trails, hikes, and walks as well)

Total Steps:

  • Sunday (Nov. 8th): 37, 428
  • Monday (Nov. 9th): 33, 253
  • Tuesday (Nov. 10th): 29, 626
  • Wednesday (Nov. 11th): 13, 340
  • Thursday (Nov. 12th): 20, 649
  • Friday (Nov. 13th): 35, 477
  • Saturday (Nov. 14th): 30, 394
  • Total: 200, 047
  • Average: 28, 578

States Visited:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • West Virginia

Speeding Tickets:

  • 1 (ugh!!!)

Combined Travel Time:

  • Roughly 26 Hours ~ (Using Google Maps Now, Rounding Down)

Miles Hiked / Walked:

  • Sunday:
  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
  • Total: —
  • Average: —

Number of Books Read:

  • 1

Number of Books Planned to Read:

  • 3-4

Brewery Tours:

  • 1 (Couch Brewery)

Number of Hours Slept:

  • Not Nearly Enough

Amount of Times Yelling in the Car to Keep Myself Awake

  • Lost Count after 5000

List of Waterfalls Chased:

  • Cucumber Falls
  • Cascade Falls
  • Jackson Falls
  • Cedar Falls
  • Other Waterfalls at Hocking Hills

Number of Times I Questioned My Sanity:

  • 3,048 (plus or minus two or three)

There’s a lot more statistics to tabulate, like how much I have to pay the ‘great state’ of West Virginia… and other things. I’ll add them to this article when I think of them / deem it fit / decide to / finish the whole series of articles.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and relax a bit, enjoy some of the fine brews I brought back, and watch my Bengals lose to the Steelers. Sigh. Next year…. always next year.

Until next time, cheers everyone and thanks for reading!

-B. Kline

The Trip to Indianapolis:

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