The Beer Thrillers (Facebook Group)

The Beer Thrillers (Facebook Group)

We now have a Facebook group page that you can JOIN and follow along with. For those familiar with Facebook – groups on Facebook are more of an old-school chat room / message board forum style way of conversation with people. You can join the group and immediately begin posting. You just need a Facebook account.

While on the Facebook group, you can post pictures of beers you are having, comment about the blog, talk to us – the blog writers – and other fans of the blog, discuss beer trends, discuss local breweries, give your own reviews of beers and breweries, and discuss beer related events and activities. We do ask that you remain civil, calm, and considerate of others. To keep political and religious and other potential offensive material off the group, and to keep it relatively PG-13 level of discussion. (No need to get crazy swearing or vulgar, plenty of other places for that if you feel the need.)

While on Facebook, make sure you to LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook as well. Same with Twitter and Instagram.

You can see a direct link to the group here:

Thanks for joining us!


-B. Kline

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