Touring Through the Breweries That Surround Harrisburg

Touring Through the Breweries That Surround Harrisburg

The article I have written as a guest writer and contributor to Breweries in PA has been uploaded to their website. You can check that article out here:

Touring Through the Breweries that Surround Harrisburg

It was written on 9.6.19, and posted on 9.11.19. Some tap listings and other information might become out-dated as the article ages. They have also edited it to remove some things like the Tattered Flag can release that took place last Saturday (9.7.19) and added a few other things (including a map). You can check out my original article here : Breweries Around the Outskirts of Harrisburg (9.6.19).

I will also be making a few edits to that post to reflect the article coming out (linking it directly to the article there) as well as the addition of reviews and links to them. Make sure to check out both their edited version of my article, as well as my original.

You can look forward to seeing more blog posts here by myself, and J. Doncevic in the near future. As well as more content from me as a freelance writer for Breweries in PA and several other blogs in the future. As well as my friend’s podcast (when he gets it all setup). We will link to all of these articles and materials in the future, so you can be kept updated and in the loop!

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-B. Kline

–The Beer Thrillers

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